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* Special Education

Melissa Armbrust, STRIVE Program teacher
952-681-5440, email

Dana Connett, due process clerk
952-681-5462, email

Anne Elg, speech therapist
952-681-5429, email

Jodi Fitch, SLD teacher
952-681-5432, email

Kristin Hartley, social worker
952-681-5430, email

Rob Honerman, psychologist
952-681-5454,  email

Jen Kamiel, speech therapist
952-681-5429, email

Susie Limond, SLD teacher
952-681-5468,  email

Neil Mortland, D/APE
952-681-5459, email

Jessica Park, SLD/EBD teacher
952-681-5428,  email

Karen Parsons, EBD teacher
952-681-5418,  email

Sally Schumack, occupational therapist
952-681-5431, email

Mary Stosic, EBD teacher
952-681-5420, email

Esther Striker, COTA
952-681-5431, email 


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