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Common Policy Questions

No food items are allowed for birthdays. If brought to school, it will be sent home. Stickers, pencils, etc. can be shared if the teacher allows. Check with the teacher ahead of time.  In the interest of being sensitive to all students, please do not send birthday invitations to school with your child for distribution. We ask that they be mailed or handled outside of school.

Students are not allowed to have chewing gum or carbonated beverages on school property unless granted special permission by the teacher. Prior to their designated lunch period, many students have morning snack in their classroom. Because this is a part of the instructional day, only foods with nutritional value will be allowed during this snack period. Bloomington Food Service has compiled a list of suggested nutritional snacks. These include: fresh fruits, vegetables, dried fruit, 100% fruit juice, cheese, cheese & cracker packets. We ask that parents provide their child with a nutritious lunch. Treats in moderation are acceptable during the lunch period. However,  we encourage you to make selections from the list of nutritional foods above. The Minnesota Health Department forbids the sharing of any food items or snacks during the school day.

Individual classrooms may celebrate holidays or special occasions throughout the school year with parties. These are planned in advance by the classroom teacher and volunteer room parents. They often involve a treat of some sort. We ask that you, at the beginning of the year, notify your child's teacher about any dietary restrictions your child may have. Please note that all food served in school must be commercially prepared.
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